Thursday, September 09, 2004

Azadistan (1920)

by Jaume Ollé
I read about a government called Azadistan in Tabriz (1920). There was a government called Azadistan in Tabriz (1920). I suppose that the Persian liberal movement Azadikhahan was related with this government. The flag of Azadistan was the Iranian national flag, with the writing Zindabad Azadistanin in black in the white stripe.

Jaume Ollé, 08 April 1997

Azadistan means "free land" (free as in freedom). For Azad, there is also the Pakistan part of Kashmir called Azad Kashmir. As for the -istan or -astan suffix, it is an indo-iranian root that was borrowed by many Turkish languages and also by the Armenian language (Hayastan). Azad also means free in Armenian.

Luc Baronian, 10 April 1997


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